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With new strats and optimizations, the leaderboards have grown and the world record time has been reduced in both categories. Its time for King Kong to take the stage again in the biggest fight of his life! In the speedrun we use the in-game speed power-ups to our advantage to traverse the overworld and complete levels quickly. With a total of 24 main missions this run has a mission starting and then being completed in almost every single minute of the speedrun. This run shows of the movement and the precise uses of power-ups and attacks to finish the game as quickly as possible. Dan Salvato Yoshi's Story requires highly calculated inputs in order to constantly minimize and avoid the slow, clumsy pace intended by the developers.

The result is an extremely technical and unforgiving run that is well-suited for commentary and skill demonstration. The video attached to this submission is outdated, but it provides an example of commentary during the run. New tech such as RNG manipulation, autoscroller skips, and many technical optimizations have not yet been shown at any marathon. Starwin You fart to jump higher, and the game is 10 minutes long.

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Nuff said. The full game is set to release within the first half of , conveniently after AGDQ. This run is defined by the tricky movement to avoid enemy encounters and the in-depth battle mechanics that allow for very interesting fights. The beautifully hand drawn animation and fast-paced combat will be sure to captivate the audience. Clearest 0 - EST: In Marvel vs Capcom 2, we utilize a series of cpu exploits to diminish the opponent and turn the hardest difficulity into a breeze! The reason we use magneto, storm and tron bon is there ability to destroy an opponent in a matter of hits, as well as there there advanced mobility!

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Tournament Settings 0 - EST: Within the past 6 months alone, new skips and optimizations found by the growing community has brought the world record down by 14 minutes. In the run, we use a large variety of characters, each with their own moves to skip fights, autoscrollers, and gain advantages in fights to be able to get through each area as fast as possible.

The skips are fun and flashy, but it's overall very easy for an audience to keep up and understand what is happening. This is a great speedrun with a ton of depth!

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My personal favorite All Bosses features a massive assortment of sequence breaks that turn a linear RPG into an open-world boss hunt. Glitchless follows the main story a little bit better, making for a fairly relaxing experience with a decent share of intense battles. Both runs are pretty scarce of extensive downtime, quite uncommon for games of this genre. Glitchless 0 - EST: ConnorAce Refunct is a short but sweet first person platformer with fun and fast paced movement.

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The run is all about the tiny optimizations, and has tons of cool tricks to save fractions of a second. Linkus7 Ocarina of Time Randomizer is a romhack where you take the vanilla game and then shuffle and randomize every single essential item and they get put at random locations in the game.

From there, you try and figure out different routes and paths to beat the game with the Items you are able to find. It adds a good challenge of routing and over all rewards good knowledge of the game. These runs can be long but it would be a great game for racing other players or teams. Randomizer Race 0 - EST: Tons of other minor optimizations have also been worked on this past year. Would love to feature this game in a race format. What about without any items at all?

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  7. Try not to blink or you just might miss the whole thing! Co-op run with scaz. Stllr Super Fancy Pants Adventures is a momentum-based platformer released on steam in It pays homage to the series of flash games by the same name, but also builds on them with new mechanics and abilities. Submitting as a race with Newtmanking. If done correctly, it saves 13 seconds! The WR in this category has switched hands about 3 or 4 times this year, and a race of this category would be no different.

    With frame perfect tricks available, with many of them coming near the end of the game, a race would provide an exciting showcase of all DKC1 has to offer. All Stages 0 - EST: Never featured before, it would be good for a lesser shown MGS to get some exposure. The run showcases quick menuing, on the fly routing, challenging bosses, and cut-scene skipping! The intent behind the categories is to demonstrate my ability to run all 4, and to present the possibility of a bidding war between all 4 of them to see what the crowd wants.

    While being a simple game, it shows the importance of precise movement! FuzzyGames This game is a fairly new platformer as of late April with very fluid movement, a block-summoning mechanic that rewards creative routing, and really solid level design. It's a really fun game to run, and I feel like it'll be entertaining to watch, too. SingleScoop Chibi-Robo! What acts as a regular household for the family is a vast open world to Chibi. This free roaming aspect allows for a very creative route. The run focuses on clever routing, health management, and sequence breaking, to maximize progress within the designated timer.

    Cane This submission is back. Spyro: Year of the Dragon Sony Playstation 2. Joester98 PMA takes the classic Pac-Man arcade formula and adds some new twists, including a number of new powerups. The most important of these, the blue pill, spawns a 2nd Pac-Man that allows mazes to be cleared nearly twice as fast!

    This powerup can be obtained consistently on almost every round due to clever AI manipulation, leading to tight routing throughout the entire game and extremely quick mazes. This combination of old gameplay with new mechanics makes for a quick run that is sure to entertain.

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    Though not as delightfully broken as other Metroid games, this one makes up for it with very fast, free-form movement. You would never guess the runner is holding a single wii remote sideways to play. Hard Mode 0 - EST: Skavenger The timeless NES classic. Amazing music, frantic gameplay, and a radioactive frog.

    What more can you ask for? New to this run from previous showings is a new Area 7 skip not shown in all of my category videos , which in addition to saving over a minute compared to the previous skips, is MUCH more consistent and safe, and a switch to the JP version of the game, which allows for resetwarping and some other region exclusive tricks. Submitting as a solo run, or a race against ShiningDragoon. Zojalyx This run brings a lot of bonus to an amazing movie series that many people will enjoy as well as a great RPG run that can be enjoyed by speed runners and spectators alike.

    All Flies is a rush through every level in the game utilizing routes and skips that are unique to the category. All Flies 0 - EST: Scottobozo Puyo Puyo Tetris is one of the best crossover games ever made, these 2 different types of puzzle games make for lots of variety and different play styles.

    Mistakes aren't very costly and RNG isn't actually a huge factor, which may surprise some considering the nature of the games. The all secrets category adds a lot more depth to the run and includes deeper map exploration and unique speedtech for getting all secret areas. Its a fun run all around.

    All Secrets 0 - EST: Lashazior Hitman games have been run previously at GDQ events with good success. The entertainment factor comes from the absurd assassinations of targets in the game through manipulation of game mechanics, AI, and the rating system. While Contracts has never been run at a GDQ event, possibly due to lack of runners or interest, it still has a charm to it like the other Hitman titles. Interesting glitches have been implemented in the game recently, giving even seasoned viewers something fun to watch. This entire run is action packed and full of fun.

    It would be great to showcase Glitchless and then Glitched to show the audience how a 15 minute run can be broken into 5 minutes with awesome safe skips and glitches that will even make the people watching scratch there heads in confusion on how he did that. NanachiSR Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus is a very underappreciated game in the Ratchet and Clank series that utilizes a lot of tricks and out of bounds to send the game by in a flash. Since this game has never been in a GDQ, I feel this showcase would be a good way to get people into the game.

    Bbforky One of the most technical puzzlers out there. Tetris Attack combines precise execution with quick decision making to take down the 12 opponents in your way. Would be a great follow-up to the 4 way race at SGDQ and current speedrun tournament going on. Gyoo Sanic Ball is a racing game based on the Sonic universe, with a twist: every character is a ball of different size and shape. Game is composed of 5 maps, some of them have a few cuts, and it's a good candidate to have a good laugh for 20 minutes.

    Potential Awful Games candidate. I've put the same video for both categories cause it's just the same thing with a different amount of laps for each map.

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    Submitting as either a standalone run on Expert, as a possible race with Anthopants on the same difficulty, or as a co-op run done on Easy with Drfatbody which has it's own quirks and strats including the ability to throw your own partner for massive damage. And what better way to carry over this momentous speedrun occasion than to bring it to the stage at agdq. We are proposing a 4 way race between 4 of the top 5 runners of this legendary game.