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It's not an expression I've heard, except in a few movies. Best wishes, Clive. Stay frosty has two meanings. See the quote below for the pop culture origin. I know we're all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here. Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

Who ever said they think it is becoming a popular term in the military, you are somewhat correct. I have been to Iraq three times. Out in the field A. It is also just like the term "Never pet a burning dog", Both of which happen to be titles of "Generation Kill" movie series which basically means, don't try to help something or someone when it's too late.

Seb Chan. Dr Rubberfunk.

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Damian Carter. Luke Handsfree. Woolly Mammoth Sound. Jack Pattullo. Martin Kerr.

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Buddy Peace Versus Khruangbin. Wolf Diesel Mountain instrumental version. Buddy Peace recommends:. Don't scrimp on the sunscreen.

Let your fishing stories be about fishing and not doctor visits. We don't think about it, hoping it won't happen. When it does - too late. I'm realistic in knowing the fact that a deep water re-entry for me isn't likely. Granted, in my Hobie I've got more stuff to grab on to, might work, but I haven't practiced it - yet. I don't go deep very often, I have a VHF radio that is waterproof, floats, and glows in the dark. I have flares, reflectors, and whistles. My phone is in a dry bag. I file a float plan. Take a few minutes to ponder the worst case and get a plan together. The paddle leash is at the top of the list.

Stay frosty: Google to fork out another €600m on bit barns in Finland

I don't tether my rods but would if I was doing surf launches or paddling fast water. Let's ponder that. Kayak fishing is populated mostly by men, but fellas let me let you in on a secret.

Women because of their patience will more often than not smoke us under similar conditions. We say we want to fish because it's relaxing but watching me get ready to go fish is anything but relaxing I'm getting better, my wife is tolerant. Kids love to fish because they love to catch fish. We can take some pointers from both of them. But while you're out on the water opt for hydration and not libation.

Water is what we are all about anyway, so keep plenty on your boat as you fish, and it doesn't have to be in a cooler. Use that sunscreen, wear the big hat, and certainly wear clothing that breathes but has an SPF factor. As you fish your normal spots imagine how you'd navigate sans sol.

What is "Stay frosty" from and what does it mean?

This planning isn't just for strictly night fishing but also comes in to play if you happen to stay out too late and end up paddling back in the dark - we've all done it, or probably will. You will need light and a compass and some common sense. Take a friend, they normally have more common sense than we do.