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A Russian Ilyushin Il surveillance plane, with 15 crew on board, was shot down by a Syrian S surface-to-air missile earlier in September.

Israel rarely acknowledges carrying out raids in Syria, but recently the Israeli military revealed that it carried out at least attacks on Iranian targets in the war-torn country. Damascus has repeatedly branded such sorties "a violation" of its sovereignty. The intelligence chief casually claimed Tehran is striving to dominate the country, despite Iran says its military advisers are present on Syrian soil upon an official request from the Syrian government.

This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Applications RSS. RT Shop. Thanks for giving my words a fair reading. After writing, I felt somewhat worried nobody would want to read such a long post. Respect for territorial integrity of all former Soviet Republics was also a pre-condition to Russia being internationally recognised as a successor state to the USSR in the United Nations. An easy solution, actually a very easy solution, is to send NATO soldiers to east Ukraine to restore order, and send Russian soldiers to Kiev to restore Yanukovich The only question is how Putin is going to carve up Ukraine.

Will he "restore legitimacy" by forcing the Quisling style former President Yanukovich back into power in Kiev? If Yanukovich emerges from hiding and assumes puppet "leadership" over "liberated" portions of Ukraine, then Russian divisions may soon thereafter be headed to Kiev. US oil production had peaked seven years earlier, and carter, after having vowed never to lie to the americna people, tried to tell the truth about energy US oil production had peaked, and a global exploration campaign was under way to make a comprehemsive survey of available oil.

US oil production and imports, number of exploaration drills working, and the price of oil Ukraine should be as transparent as possible when dealing with the thugs that Putin has unleashed. Ukraine should use the global media as a window to what is happening in the Ukraine, and show that Russian agitators are the perps.

In doing so, it would leverage global support on agitators arrest and military support to shore up Ukraine in case of a Russian Invasion.

France would not tolerate Algerians taking over Police and Military installations and violence on people. Italy would not tolerate Albanians trying to carve a giant piece of Northeast Italy for themselves. The U.

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Just as these countries would crack down on agitators like that, Ukraine has a right to defend itself, and the world has a duty to send weapons, supplies, volunteers to fight in case it comes to that , and a limited war on Russia to eject it from Crimea, Ukraine in case it invades Eastern Ukraine , and any other sovereign country like Moldova, etc. So they have the legitimate right and power to decide what way they want to go.

But Russia is no Iraq, no Serbia - they can and will defend itself and its people - better not forget that For the benefit of UK-based readers, this is akin to English-speaking residents of South Wales wanting to be a part of England. You are engaged in fantasies. The block of parliamentary deputies from the Party of Regions has been elected by the electorate of Donbas and Luhansk regions. For well over a decade that party had major influence on political balance in Ukraine. Yanukovych, the former president, was the former Governor of Donbas.

No sober person would right this thrush. You must be deliberately stating falsehoods parroting Russian right wing propaganda. I see the Russian diplomatic corps has arrived in the Ukraine on a peacekeeping exercise. Making enemies out of all Ukrainians is going to bring them to heel? Here are the 4 pillas, which Putler's success of operation is based on: 1. The former is easily stoppable, the latter can persist for decades as the experience of Baltic states demonstrates.

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Local support due to media propagnda. Hence the term South-Eastern Ukraine, where the viewership is supposedly located.

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However, in terms of demographics the Kremlin may be in for a big surprise. Apart from Donetsk and Luhansk regions and, maybe, urban Odessa the effect is limited.

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The physical support of local quasi-criminal bosses. This is exactly what is currently driving the expansion in Donbass with people like e. Azarov Jr. The criminal support includes the security and police personnel on their payroll. Unfortunately, a similar situation is in Kharkiv, where the criminal element is controlled by Gepa Kernes and Dopa Dopkin, the Party of the Regions Presidential candidate vetted by Ukraine's richest man Akhmetov , who are direct Kremlin cronies.

Luhansk is similarly controlled by the Head of Party of the Regions faction in the Parliament, Efremov. The civic position of locals. In Donbass and Luhansk it is very weak. The residents are extremely paternalistic and therefore prone to the sovoc propaganda - no individual or collective political initiative. The solution to Ukraine is obvious.

Modify the constitution to give the various regions a great amount of autonomy. That will keep the remainder of Ukraine together, but will also provide the more Russian regions with assurances that they can keep their culture and not be persecuted by Kiev. The country could be set up on the model of Switzerland. US and Russia should make this a joint proposal to the Ukrainian government.

While admittedly there aren't any good options for Mr. Turchinov, deploying the army would be a particularly bad one. Given that Russia used threats of violence against ethnic Russians as their pretext for annexing the Crimea, actual violence against ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine even with justified provocation may serve to escalate the conflict. IMF should not bailout Ukraine. Money will be lost.

There's huge risk for bailing out Ukraine. Current Ukraine border is not sustainable. Ukraine will break up sooner or later.

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  5. Then remaining Ukraine may refuse to repay IMF debts. Sikko6, You are reposting for the third time, at least, in the last week. What is your Kremlin boss paying you per post these days? Still 30 rubles as a year ago or the inflation adjusted? We want Ukraine to dissolve.

    Ukraine as a country is historical nonsense. It was a Austro-Hungarian and Bolshevic project which eventually failed. The strongest ones survive and the weak disappear. Remember Darvin? If I were you I wouldn't have bet on it your monthly earnings for posting your Sovok spam.

    I'd rather incline to the opinion that the Russian Federation will either explode or implode as it was the case with the now defunct Soviet Union and crumble under the burden of Western sanctions.

    Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki: Russian jets will turn tide

    It'll take some time, but, for sure, not eternity. That is why your country is the cancer on world's body. It tries to spread now, but will either be cut out or will die less and less Russians on Earth, 4 millions less within just ten years. Yes, we all want someone like Putin to lead us. He's so macho.

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    I wish he could give us a weekly op-ed in the NYT. Russians should drop their habit of taking pleasure when difficulties arise anywhere.

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    Delight when events go well for others is the hallmark of a confident society. Some like myself want Russia to be strong, confident and admired. This is not what Russia is displaying. If even the Belorussian thug is uneasy about his relationship with Putins regime, thats a major PR problem. How about the fact that Ukraine gave away its nuclear weapons back in , in exchange for security guarantees from USA, Britain and Russia? And now you are telling Ukrainians to "fight like a man" with a virtually non-existent army which had been destroyed from years of neglect , to face the second most powerful army in the world, as well as possibly deal with the consequences of starting a civil war?