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Hi Stephan, Wish I could read your book! I think they offer huge potential to organizations for working differently and benefiting from the collective knowledge of their people. Do you have any examples you are able to share? Look forward to seeing you somewhere, sometime, soon! Hi Stephan, I agree with Jane and also wish I could read you book. Any plans to publishing your book in English in the future? It sounds like a great read and I think your potential readership would increase greatly.

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Within two studies, we compared both theories in terms of their appropriateness to reproduce the observed interrelations among the postulated model components model fit as well as in terms of their respective predictive power. Our findings based on structural equation modeling techniques indicate, that the Technology Acceptance Model outperforms the Theory of Planned Behavior with regard to its model fit as well as its predictive validity. These results have important implications for applied areas, to-be discussed at the end of our contribution. Im Rahmen beider Theorien spielen zuvor gebildete Intentionen eine zentrale Rolle bei der Verhaltensvorhersage.

Anhand der Befunde aus Strukturgleichungsmodellen wird aufgezeigt werden, dass das Technologie-Akzeptanzmodell den besseren Modell-Fit liefert sowie die Bereitschaft, Online-Auktionen zu nutzen, besser vorhersagen kann.

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Zum Abschluss des Beitrags wird auf die anwendungsbezogenen Implikationen der Befunde eingegangen werden. Title English: The third Iraq War: On the credibility of media reports Abstract English: This contribution focuses on the credibility evaluation of media reports during the third Gulf War, concentrating on both the evaluations themselves and the reasons why media recipients consider a particular contribution to be more or less credible. In this, credibility evaluation is conceptualized as involving several perspectives and taking into consideration aspects of both media content and form.

Data were collected via two types of diaries: The first type was a solicited media diary that the participants sent the researchers by e-mail. The participants were asked to record the source and the content of the respective media report as well as their evaluation of this report as credible or not and the reasons for this evaluation.

The second type of diary was a selection of 15 weblogs on the internet, which comprised a credibility judgement about the war coverage in the media. The choice of weblogs did not include warblogs by professional journalists or soldiers reporting from the war area, but consisted only of lay diaries on the net. Concerning the remaining reports, they are mostly ambivalent. Content analysis further shows that in evaluating a media report as credible, recipients most frequently draw upon their media knowledge and on plausibility considerations.

When they regard a media report as dubious, the participants also draw on their media knowledge; in addition, formal characteristics such as incompleteness also play an important part in such negative evaluations. An analogous analysis of the weblogs is being carried out; in our contribution, we will focus on the comparison between the two data sources. Auf den Vergleich der beiden Datenquellen werden wir in dem geplanten Beitrag genauer eingehen.

Title English: Comparison of laboratory and online experiments: A research program Abstract English: For about 15 years research can be conducted via the world-wide-web. On the one hand methodological and economical characteristics make online-experimenting very promising for psychological research. On the other hand there are still doubts, whether online-experiments can meet the high standards of traditional experimental research in the laboratory.

This paper gives an outline on an extensive research program: Up to now eight replications of classical experiments in general psychology, e.

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These experiments were conducted under specified conditions in different settings, among others in a classical laboratory and via the web. The experiments were selected referring to two criteria: - Sensitivity for effects of interaction between experimenter and participant: While face-to-face communication is central in the laboratory, there is only computer-mediated communication in online-experiments.

This research program it is not limited to investigate whether the same effects appear in different settings: Differences in magnitude of effects and precision of measurement are also examined, which allow inferences to reliability and validity in the respective settings. Because the same experiments conducted in an laboratory and an online-setting, differ in many ways, the causes of resemblances and differences in the results usually remain obscure.

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Therefore, this research program goes one essential step further: The same experiments were not only conducted in the laboratory and via the web, but in additional settings in which the options of interaction between experimenter and subject and the degree of shielding the experimental subject from disturbances were varied systematically - simulating characteristics of experiments in the laboratory respectively on the web. That way the effect of these special features can be analyzed. Central topics, methods, selected results and further questions of this research program are presented.

Implications for conducting research in the laboratory and via the web are discussed.

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Es wird ein breit angelegtes Forschungsprogramm vorgestellt, in dem bisher acht Experimente mit Hilfe des virtuellen Experimentallabors Lab. OR implementiert und unter festgelegten Rahmenbedingungen in verschiedenen Settings, u. Die bisher implementierten Experimente orientieren sich an klassischen Arbeiten aus dem Bereich der allgemeinen Psychologie, u.

Neben der Realisierbarkeit in der Lab. So kann der Einfluss dieser beiden Merkmale genauer analysiert werden. Autoren: Oppel, Kai; Prof. Title English: The intranet as an instrument of corporate communications and knowledge management - present situation and comparison with other means of corporate communication and information Abstract English: The intranet as an instrument of corporate communications and knowledge management - present situation and comparison with other means of corporate communication and information.

Looking at corporate communications, companies can choose from a variety of instruments - ranging from traditional face-to-face communication in conversation via well-established company magazines to new, computer-mediated options such as e-mail and intranet. Although corporate communication is characterized by procedures influenced by a given hierarchical structure as well as by external forces and working conditions, certain classic models of mass communication e.

This, for example, was shown in a survey on internal communication at German Television Broadcast ZDF, in which the role of the intranet and other means of corporate communication was assessed. Using a multi-method design 33 group- and individual interviews and a standardized questionnaire survey of employees with a return quota of The majority of data obtained was delivered by the questionnaire. Additionally interesting attitudes of employees of all hierarchy levels in the company could be found in the interviews. The evaluation of the quantitative study showed i.

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It was also possible to identify opinion leaders within the company, who were characterized by a specific use of channels of communication. The collected data proves, that employees deliberately decide whether to use the intranet or not or how. As a consequence, employees aware of these advantages use the intranet more frequently. Reasons for not using the intranet were e. The results of the study do not only help the assessed company to establish the intranet as a tool of corporate communication and to adapt it to the needs of the company's employees.

Dies wird exemplarisch anhand einer Untersuchung der internen Kommunikation des Unternehmens ZDF gezeigt, in der die Rolle des Intranet und anderer Unternehmensmedien erforscht wurde.

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Title English: The structural characteristics of internet gambling and their effects on gambling behaviour Abstract English: To date - from a psychological perspective - limited research exists regarding the structural characteristics of Internet gambling and their impact on gambling behaviour.

Other structural characteristics assessed include online registration and the role of online advertising. A sample of Internet gamblers were interviewed in detail in regards to their perspective of each of the structural characteristics outlined, and the effect each one has on their gambling preferences and behaviour. The results highlight that technological advances do have a significant effect on gambling development and behaviour. Based on the findings of the study the authors highlight the implications such structural characteristics may have on problem gambling in terms of acquisition, development and maintenance.

Title English: Internet gambling : An overview of issues and concerns Abstract English: The influence of technology in the field of gambling innovation continues to grow at a rapid pace. This paper provides a brief overview in a number of important areas. The paper examines the impact of technology on gambling by highlighting salient factors in the rise of Internet gambling i.

The paper also examines other factors in relation to Internet gambling including the relationship between Internet addiction and Internet gambling addiction, and the impact of Internet gambling in a multi-media world. Title English: Personal web site as a platform of diverse social actions Abstract English: On the basis of Habermas' typology of social actions a conceptualisation of personal web site as a platform of various intersubjectivities is offered.

It is shown that due to several structural characteristic a web site initiates or can provide a channel not only for instrumental, strategic action, but also for communicative one, which carries a notion of autonomous and responsible social actor. I believe that detailed analysis is relevant, despite the fact that individuals' web sites have been neglected with regard to on-going debates on new information and communication technologies.

A Web site can be a platform of hypertextual action, which is normative action, specific to the WWW and which reflects the original idea of the web site as an information chunk in a hypertext system, intended for fast, efficient and free access to information. Usage of the web site for construction of virtual identity is internet specific type of social action, which on the one hand grasps some of narcissistic self-presentation, but on the other surpasses it as it presents the central axis of participation in computer-mediated 'communities'.

In this sense web site is an important complement, an anchorage of person's membership in a group of individuals, communicating in an inherently transient and rigid medium. Web site can also be a medium for restoration of intimate social relationships, which get dissolved in the everyday life due to the different crisis situations. Lastly defined type of social action, which takes advantage of specific web site properties, is public opinion expression. By publishing a web site and promoting it author can potentially reach large-scale audience with his own ideas on controversial public issues.

Theoretical typology is backed up by extensive empirical research of more than 1. The data, which were collected by a web survey, concern authors' intention orientations and background motivations, and serve the empirical verification of explanatory models for each type of action. It supports the thesis that web sites offer a platform for diverse social actions and confirm that this does not apply only to specific highly competent computer users, but is dispersed throughout the internet population similarly as internet usage is diffused throughout the society.

Title English: Paper and pencil or online? Methodological Experiences from an employee survey Abstract English: Due to the fact, that at Universities in general all employees should be familiar with running a computer, it is assumed that an online-based interview among all university lecturers should represent a good alternative to the traditional paper and pencil form particularly with regard to costs terms.

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However, the effect this specific interview method may produce on the quality of the resulting sample as well as on the quality of the resulting answers was not yet clear. The following results from an employee survey of the University of Bremen shall give an answer to these questions. Between November and February all university lecturers were invited to participate in an interview concerning the actual job situation and job satisfaction at the University.