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I also attend martial arts seminars when I can afford it and have the time. Eric Young. Master Young first noticed the martial arts at the age of five.

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He watched with his father the now infamous Chinese Connection. Master Young sat in awe as he watched one of the fastest men who ever lived take out man after man with a blinding force that impressed both father and son alike. For years after the movie Master Young would watch any karate and kung fu movie with his father that he could.

He also showed him how to throw a Karate punch along with teaching him Combat Judo he had learned while enlisted in the Armed Services. He and his father enrolled in Shaolin Kempo Karate. Master Young received his first ranking in this style. Although both he and his father did exceptional in this school the fulltime instructor became sick and the fill in was not following any set program.

They left out of frustration. Over the next few years Master Young would learn a plethora of styles.

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Master Young had a defining moment in his life when he went to an AAU competition and watched his father fight. At the time his father was studying a style that was pegged as a so-called self-defense art but was really more of a sport. His father won his first match then was set up against the next closest competitor in rank This Turned out to be two ranks higher and 6 inches taller. Half way threw the match the opponent threw a fake. And followed up with a spinning round house kick to a dangerously low spot on the stomach. It caused all the muscles to separate on contact.

Master Young's father had to be held by several people for fear of the other mans safety. It was at this point he realized that sport karate is just that a sport. If this had been a combat situation the man would have been beaten into submission. Having been trained by his father as well as his other teachers.

Master Young would never be seen in a sport Karate environment again.

Disciples of the Dragon: Deluxe Edition: Reflections From The Students of Bruce Lee by Paul Bax

Although he is not proud of it, Master Young Went threw a very rebellious stage threw the ages of 13 to He fought anyone and everyone. The bigger the better. The more the merrier. Apparently Master Young was not an academic genius by any stretch of the imagination. His siblings and rightfully so he will now admit got a lot of praise for their hard work and accomplishments in school. Knowing he couldn't produce the same grades he took the alternate route and sought attention threw anger and punishment.

  1. Disciples of the Dragon : Reflections from the Students of Bruce Lee?
  2. Disciples of the Dragon: Deluxe Edition: Reflections From The Students of Bruce Lee?
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A tactic I am assured worked well. The turning point came at the age of 17 when one of Master Young's on again of again girlfriends started becoming very serious. She had made him very aware that she would not stand by and watch him hurt himself this way. This made him wake up and change. It is just when it is, it is the only answer. The girlfriend also by the way is now his wife of over 12 years.

Master Young is now over the age of The arts he has studied and received rack in over the years are. I Agents. Master Young has took the last year and a half and devoted all of his free time to the study of combat.

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Threw training reading courses and self study as well as input from the officers he has trained. Meaning…the way of Harmony threw the skills of a warrior. Master Young tested for the rank of 9th Dan in his system.

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  • He was awarded the rank of 7th. Is able to test for 8th in Yuree has researched and studied over 40 major martial arts styles of the world and has taken the bold mission to revive the lost heritage of Indian Sub-continental Martial Arts through a historical research work linking Kancheepuram and Shaolin Temple. Yuree is the 7th degree black-belt holder in Bando, 5th degree black-belt holder in Banshy , and the highest ranking Tenth Degree Black-Belt holder and Founder of Butthan Martial Art www.

    After finishing primary education in an English missionary school, his life as a young boy and Cadet began in the Military feeder institution developed under the British standard where he grew up in the iron discipline of Military boarding school. Yuree has a very sound academic background on Private Security and Martial Science and after accomplishment of almost two decade has reached to a higher plane of the art and acquired the mastery and specialized in self-defense forms and weapons and Founded the science based revolutionary BUTTHAN Martial art system www. He has under taken the cause of Self-defense with stern minded training and devotion towards the ultimate crown of success.

    He is continuing his unique research in the historical roots of Martial arts and Indian sub-continental heritage as an outstanding visiting lecturer and faculty member of European Union University. Grand Master Dr. Yuree with a very special, exclusive and rich background in multitude of Martial Arts systems and science of personal protection teaches a very comprehensive system of essential life saving skills, realistic Self Defense, street survival and Military defensive Tactics.

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    He has trained and cross trained around the world ranging from military, Para-military, Intelligence agencies, special force units, law enforcement officials, Close Protection officers, Security Company personnel , professional and corporate officials, celebrities and Diplomats and people from all walks of life for last nineteen years. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Yuree also formed a constructive protest even during a military backed government time to ensure the protection of the ancient archaeological heritage as the convener — National Assembly for Protection of Archeological Assets.

    Thousands of disciples and admirers at home and abroad have been benefited by following his philosophy of life and are very keenly determined to uphold his revolutionary concept and practice of human behavior reconstruction and building confidence in performance for a new life to achieve greater benefit for the mankind. Yuree is eminently regarded as the foremost and outstanding authority teacher and innovator with a reputation of being an intensive curator with expertise in the field of Personal protection, Military defensive tactics and security training sector, etc. His revolutionary philosophy and the system of Combat Self-defense, now heading internationally to a new horizon of universal excellence.

    All Rights Reserved. Eric Young Master Young first noticed the martial arts at the age of five. Book Details: Scroll below for more information about this book, provided directly by the author. Product description Disciples of the Dragon During Bruce Lee's short and climatic life, he touched the hearts of many people. Product details Author Information He now hosts one of the most popular martial arts forums in the world called The JKD Brotherhood www.