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He is being asked to go for an Occupation Therapy assessment. He would likely find this most distressing and my Mum is dreading taking him. She is already struggling to cope and this is a real blow. I am going to write to the Council and ask if a GP letter could replace the assessment. Surely if a Dr gave permission that us all you need. My sister has had Alzheimers for almost 9 years. She had a blue badge after a hip operation but this was not renewed.

I applied for one because of her dementia but it was refused, as was my appeal. In the meantime her carer got a fine for parking just slightly over the line in an Aberdeenshire car park so my sister could exit with the aid of her walking stick. Any advice would be appreciated. Lorraine: I feel for you. Not to begrudge the ease of obtaining a badge for Registered Blind and Partially Sighted but I cannot see why we are so knocked back.

My Dear One can see but does not know why he is going or where without an arm or hand - and we have to brave the disabled toilets as a couple. My mum is 89 and has Alzheimers, she can not walk without relying on my arm - as her balance is not good and her lack of muscle tone in her legs means that they don't do what she's telling them and she stumbles a lot. To get to the cinema, which she loves, I have to drop her at the cinema and make her safe in the onsite Costa, then drive to a carpark, park, pay and run back to the cinema, or put her in the wheelchair at the carpark and push her up a huge hill!

Her blue badge application was refused.

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Very disappointed to learn today that Notts County Council are not issuing Blue Badges for disabled people with hidden, unseen disabilities, such as Alzheimers or Autism. It isn't council policy yet and yet my husband with Alzheimers was told last year, by a Working Age Dementia support worker, that he could re-apply for a Blue Badge in April ' No such luck!! There is no real change in the rules at present, it is just emphasizing what assessors should consider anyway.

There is no real reason why a local authority cannot implement these changes now. Different local authorities have different approaches to appeals and there is no legal requirement for local authorities to have an appeals procedure. However, the guidance strongly recommends that local authorities establish an internal procedure to deal with appeals against a decision not to issue a badge.

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I'm sorry this is so difficult Kate, but hope this information is helpful for you. Thank you for this. I am experiencing similar problems with South Tyneside Council and this advice is very helpful. This is a really helpful blog but does anyone know what you do to establish the ID for a Blue Badge for someone who doesn't have a passport or a Drivers License?

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  6. My brother has Young onset Alzheimer's and had his license revoked and his passport is expired. He needs a blue badge now as his sight is poor and spatial awareness a real problem. He can't walk without being guided and goes off in all directions with no awareness of safety and negotiating our way across a car park safely is becoming a real nightmare. I looked into renewing his passport but I just don't think he would be able to comply with the photo requirements and there are issues with me applying on his behalf.

    Hi Joy, thanks for your comment.

    Researchers Develop New Tech to Predict Alzheimer's Disease Earlier Than Ever

    Other proof of ID may be accepted - a birth or wedding certificate or an ID card such as the Citizen card that people can apply for - therefore there are a few options other than passport or drivers licence. If you did decide to renew your brother's passport — whether for this or another purpose — I would suggest that you look at the services and assistance that is available.

    In terms of the passport photos you can explain on the form why someone cannot make the requirements and where this is due to a disability for this purpose dementia is classed as a disability then this should be accepted and supported to find a way round it - do note, though, that a doctors letter is needed. Hello, just reading the last comment. Is a Doctors letter needed in advance to put with the application or just written evidence in the supporting word application? My mum needs a badge, and Dad says the doctors reception is blocking it. She has macular degeneration in both eyes so practically blind but not registered blind, has just officially been diagnosed with Altzeimers after a few years dementia, and has a bad knee with a steroid injection now wearing off.

    She loves to walk and wander off on her own - realises she can't see but forgets that she can't remember anything and also has a sore knee so just heads off thinking she is fine so its unsafe within seconds! Is a doctor's letter necessary which is what i also heard when you apply with a postal application , or do the council automatically send online applications to the doctor to ask them for a report which is what someone has said to my Dad. Different councils do tend to approach Blue badge applications slightly differently and even if the application is done online, ultimately the local council is responsible for the decision.

    Generally speaking it is fine to make the application anyway but important to include as much available information as possible when doing so. If the supporting information from the GP is not available and cannot be included with the original application it could be sent later - they may ask for further information of this type anyway. After the assessment the council may ask your mum to do a mobility assessment with a health professional who will look at her ability to carry out a range of mobility activities.

    The medical assessor will tell the council whether they think her cognitive and visual impairment and any other condition limit her ability to move around enough for her to need a badge. You could try calling the council and ask to speak to the team dealing with Blue badges or better still use an email address to ask these questions so that any information provided by the council can be kept for later and used if necessary if there is any dispute.

    Hope this is helpful, and best of luck with your application. My husband has Alzheimer's and when I started the on-line application West Sussex says we can apply after the end of August for people with 'hidden disabilities'.

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    This looks as if they must be addressing the situation so there may be a glimmer of hope by issuing a date. I have applied for a blue badge for my mam who has Alzheimer's and subsequently has no spatial awareness when out of the home. She cannot even recognise which car she got out of in a car park. We applied under the hidden disabilities criteria and have just been turned down for a blue badge because she is escorted everywhere which apparently negates the need for a blue badge. Similar situation to Tracey Longley above.

    I am so infuriated have written to the Secretary of State for Transport. The publicity regarding Blue Badges for hidden disabilities did not make clear at all the restrictions placed by the new legislation. For anyone who had their mobility assessment carried out prior to September beware - my wife was re-assessed in August and at the time I made it clear that the primary reason was to support a blue badge application.

    Researchers Develop New Tech to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier Than Ever

    The assessor would not have been aware of the exact requirements of the new legislation and was, naturally, focussed on assessing to ensure the appropriate financial position was achieved. Therefore although my wife received the full 12 points for mobility this was not good enough for Surrey County Council. You can change what you receive at any time and we will never sell your details to third parties. How can I apply for a Blue Badge? Who can automatically get a Blue Badge? Giving up driving.

    bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/citas-por-internet-en-vlez-blanco.php Giving up driving can be a difficult decision to make. Read our advice if you or someone you know is thinking of stopping. The decision letter from the Department for Work and Pensions confirming eligibility for a blue badge if you have one. Health and social care professionals. These pages explain the roles of different health and social professionals, what they do for people with dementia, and how they can help you.

    Gather information about the person and their diagnosis The online form asks you for details of any medical appointments or treatments that the person with dementia has. Areas to look out for in the online form: Choosing a reason for needing a badge You should select the option that best fits your situation.

    Is there hope for Alzheimer's sufferers?

    Walking distances Finally the form will ask about distances that you or the person you are applying for can walk for. Planning ahead can be difficult to think about, but it ensures your wishes are followed. Here are four things to consider when planning for the future. What happens after you've applied? They might ask the person with dementia to attend a mobility assessment If they deny you a blue badge, you can write to the council to protest against the decision and ask them to reconsider.

    Apply online for a blue badge. Efforts to develop innovative biomarkers must continue, to allow early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The report also recommends better national integration and collaboration between care structures and service providers, including entry points, adapted care and specialised Alzheimer teams in healthcare centres all over the country.

    Finally, the report calls for an extension of the Alzheimer Plan, including other neurodegenerative diseases that may involve common resources. The three Ministers stated their intention to continue supporting people with dementia and their carers. They will work to integrate the recommendations into a new plan, which will be presented on the occasion of World Alzheimer Day on 21 September A scientific cooperation foundation will be set up with both public and private funding.

    Delivering an Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

    The second priority is to improve the quality of life for patients and their carers. First, the plan will help patients and their families cope with the shock of discovering the disease by giving them a better access to a coached diagnosis. Secondly, the plan will increase the quality and integration of health and social care ; it will give every patient access to a one stop-shop, the MAIA, where a specifically dedicated case-manager will design an integrated plan of health and social care suitable for the patient. Home-based support will be developed with new respite structures and adaptation of housing to cognitive handicaps.

    In rest homes, Alzheimer units will be set up.